Football season has started in Europe! Paris is flooded with drunk hot guys everywhere! European dudes are way more direct when they want to fuck. They are discreet but not afraid to approach you and tell you what they want lol. So I went to the game opening and sat next to this really hot group of dudes from Bulgaria. Yonni was his name. He was a real cocky type but super friendly. He kept talking to me, cracking jokes and drinking and grabbing his dick through his sweats. I’m pretty sure he was clubbed the whole time. Any way the down side is he doesn’t fuck BBK. It’s sad guys I know! So we skipped the fucking because I hate condoms. But he loves fucking throat. Long story short I ended up going out with them after the game and getting shit faced. Then he took me to some dark alley and fucked my throat like…….well I ! can’t describe it but it was definitely a first time for that kinda domination. It was so hot I called him the next day and convinced him to do a video to show you guys. :-P. You guys wanna see him fuck me even with a condom? Leave a comment on yes or no. He’s only here for a couple more days lol. Let me know soon!

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